The most common problems encountered by power lifters who come to Vancouver Chiropractic Services are back problems. They know that if they want to be back to health immediately after an injury, they have to employ the best chiropractor. It has been known among power lifters that chiropractic care does indeed deliver effective healing to injuries, particularly at the back. Due to this, they employ regular chiropractic practitioner to provide care for lifters in order to prevent injuries from occurring. For some who are already experiencing pain, having a chiropractor ensures that they will be cared for and their injuries healed.

Four Common Injuries Among Power Lifters

While the back is the most common part of the body that gets injured when powerlifting, it’s not the only part where the toll of heavyweights is paid. Other parts of the body also experience injuries. This is not to say that lifting is an inherently dangerous sport. On the contrary, it is a safe sport but injuries do occur when you commit mistakes in your position, and sometimes by sheer carelessness. There are athletes who train without a proper warm-up, proper position and others unnecessarily increase the weight that they lift even without proper guidance from their trainers. Here are some common injuries:

  1. Cervical Spine Injury—This injury occurs because of repeated flexion and extension movement, bad spinal posture and heavy bracing techniques. The sensitivity of the soft tissues and joint structure of the back makes it vulnerable to injury. With back manipulation and postural improvements, this injury can be avoided.

  2. Knee Injury—This part of the body has a limited range of motion. It can only flex and extend and it is greatly immobile by design. The knee is particularly vulnerable to injuries when lifting weights because most of the pressure goes to it. Add to the equation bad posture and you have a recipe to destroy the knee.

  3. Lumbar Spine Injury—If lifters are vulnerable to upper back pains, they are also vulnerable to lower back pains. This is particularly because the lower back is the fulcrum of the body and its center of gravity, therefore, all the pressures of the weight that lifters lift go here. The same tissues and joint structures that are sensitive to pressure are present here making it easy to hurt.

  4. Shoulder Injury—In an effort to curve shoulder injuries, machines are created to protect it during lifts but these machines, instead of being useful even makes injuries frequent. It makes lifting positions unnatural putting the shoulder in an awkward position during a lift. This awkwardness is the culprit when it comes to shoulder injuries.

These injuries can be avoided if you submit yourself to regular chiropractic session because with this, your positions will be checked, you balance improved and your back aligned. In you come to us with a back injury or any injury related to powerlifting, you can be sure that you will get the care that you need.

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