How to get started in weight lifting

Most of the time, whenever you think of weightlifting, you think of ripped guys with weights on their backs.  When you believe that this is the way you start, you might find yourself deeply discouraged even without getting started.   So the first thing you need to know is that in order for you to start weightlifting, you can have zero experience.

It is a common misconception to believe that you have to be fit in order to do weightlifting.  The truth is that the practice will actually make you get in shape.  So there goes the myth.  Anyone can start lifting (unless you have a medical condition, of course) and changing their lives.

The following are some practical tips to help you get started in the weightlifting world:

Start with the major muscle groups

It is important for you to get started with the major muscle groups.  Picture your primary efforts going unto those muscles.  These major muscles are located in the lower body, the shoulders, chest and core.

There are very targeted moves that need to be done there.  We strongly suggest you get yourself some personal training Calgary so that this person assists you on the proper exercises to do.

Repeat the above moves with a machine or dumbbells

If you want to mix up things a little, use the machines at your gym or the dumbbells. They provide the same level of strenuous exercise and in less time.  Dumbbells are beginners’ best friends.  Especially because they are not barbells or kettlebells, which are usually associated with a lot of more physical technique

Decide on your periodic weightlifting schedule

Sit down with your personal trainer and together decide which is the best schedule for you to work out. Ideally, you should plan a full workout that includes lifting at leat three times a week.

If you are trying to tailor your own workout go to the muscle groups. Exercise those to have large shoulders, chest, and arms.  Experts recommend one or two workout routines for every major muscle group.

Don´t push it too far too soon

Most of the mistakes that beginners to do is to think they actually have what it takes to make a clean jerk and clean.  Remember that, for your own health and safety, you should gradually decrease the intensity to bring the cat back to the wild.

Hire a coach

If you can do it, I highly recommend you getting yourself a coach.  They will hep you build your own Schedule based on where you stand and where you want to go.

Look at yourself in the mirror

The say that looking at yourself is pretty disappointing. It should not.  It should actually be the consequence of your efforts.  Looking at yourself in the mirror will help you motivate yourself into doing better very time.


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