Julie ScanlonHi I am Julie and welcome to my blog.

I am just a regular gal who loves CrossFit, I am one of those irritating people who could talk about it for hours.  I chose to blog instead, that way my friends will stop telling me to shut up.

I want people who have fitness goals to try CrossFit.  I have always been a gym rat and I have tried the classes, I have tried Yoga in fact I have tried pretty much everything, but CrossFit is what changed things for me.  I am stronger, fitter and I finally have the definition in my arms and shoulders that I have always wanted.

I started this blog for two reasons, one is to chronicle my own fitness journey and the struggle that goes with it.  The second is I want it to be a place for others to learn and share information about their own experiences.

Please feel free to contribute and ask questions.  You can reach me here if you have questions.

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